The Canyon

Now, if you’re going for a river rafting escapade, you’ll have to prepare yourself really well. One thing people tend to think about whitewater rafting is that it’s a dangerous sport. At some points, it is, since a fast-moving river can easily maim or take a life. But more often than not, you’ll probably be renting the services of a professional rafting outfit, and these provide river guides and first aid teams during the entire rafting trip, so it should be okay.

Rafting precautions

However, some smart precautions should be kept in mind by anybody who’s out for some whitewater fun.

First and foremost, suit up. The worst part about whitewater rafting is that when you get dumped into the drink, there isn’t much you can do but wait for the current to take you to calmer waters, and with this in mind you’d want to protect every inch of your body. Short of wearing a full set of armor, putting on a helmet, joint pads and a life vest will keep you from bruising yourself too much.

As much as possible, always go rafting with one other person or more. Depending on the river you’ll be cruising, rafting vacations can become really tough expeditions. Having someone who can help you out when you’re in trouble can go a long way. Bring first aid kits for cuts and bruises, splints for possible broken bones.

If you’re with a rowing guide, make sure to follow everything the man says.